Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 5: Sugarbread Falls

"Sugarbread Falls is the place that we all choose to be," indeed! And so our Holiday Surprise comes to an end! We hope you've enjoyed this opportunity to get a free sneak preview of our new ep. We hope to have the actual release sometime in February and the chances are very likely that some additional mastering and mixing will happen before then. Here's wishing everyone a very happy holiday season! We're going to drown ourselves in some nog! Enjoy and we'll see you in 2010! Thanks as always for listening!

[Sugarbread Falls has been removed. Hope you enjoyed the Hilarious Posters Holiday Surprise! Look for the actual ep to be released sometime in February!]

-The Hilarious Posters

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 4: Little Boy

Atomic bombs as metaphor? Check. Witty wordplay? Check. Phil Spector style breakdown? Check. It must be a Sam Turner song, and it must be Day 4 of the Hilarious Posters Holiday Surprise! We're not entirely sure if the Little Boy in question is the Christ child but let's just say for today's purposes that it is. Oh, and if you've never seen the cult BBC Christmas special AD/BC (pictured above) it gets the Posters highest recommendation! ( In the meantime, get Little Boy while you can and check back in tomorrow for the last day of our Holiday Surprise! See you then!

[Little Boy has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 5: Sugarbread Falls!]

- The Hilarious Posters

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 3: The Fists & The Fighting

....and on we move to Day Three of our big Holiday Extravaganza! Just think of it as the 12 Days of Christmas or eight nights of Hanukkah on a minor scale. Here we have track three off the upcoming ep, a tale of a peasant revolt and ensuing merriment, The Fists & The Fighting. Man oh man, can you just imagine what it will be like when all of these tracks are compiled together on one ep?! Can you believe we're crazy enough to give all this great music away for free?! We can't either! But get it fast! And come back Thursday and Friday for two more Poster sized morsels of pop! See you then!

[The Fists & The Fighting has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 4: Little Boy!]

- The Hilarious Posters

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 2: Geniuses

Hello! Thanks to everyone who stopped in to download Absence yesterday, now onto the ep's second track, Sam's allusion filled rave up, Geniuses. Like Absence, Geniuses will only be available until the end of today so act fast if you want to have this tasty slice of (digital) wax to listen to in advance of the ep's actual release sometime in February. Two down, three more to go! Hope we're helping to make the season bright!

[Geniuses has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 3: The Fists & The Fighting!]

- The Hilarious Posters

Holiday Surprise Day 1: Absence

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! Hope all of our East Coast friends stayed dry and warm during the "Crippler" this past weekend. As promised, here for your downloading pleasure is Absence, the first track off of our new ep. Absence will only be available until the end of today so get it while supplies last. Tune in tomorrow and every day this week for a new downloadable track from our forthcoming as-yet-untitled ep! See you tomorrow!

[Absence has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 2: Geniuses!]

- The Hilarious Posters

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Finish Line

I guess there's some questions still floating around. What will the cover art look like? Could it benefit from professional mastering? Should it be made yet more awesome by the addition of heavy-handed political messages? But these things aside, our little EP is recorded, mixed, sequenced, and ready to take over the world. We're going to have a kick ass release party, probably to coincide with black history month, and if things go as planned we'll be playing at a venue we've not attempted before with some of our most favorite of favorite local bands.

I'd like to dedicate this post, though, to all the heroes who weren't lucky enough to make it to the ends of their respective journeys this year. The Hilarious Posters won't forget you, and, more importantly, we won't forget the example you set. Your courage in the face of adversity shows me exactly how I would hope to comport myself (if I weren't a success). Especially this time of year, we have to remember that losing is just another kind of winning. With that in mind, enjoy this video produced by One True Media, whose work I "greatly admire."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finishing Up Audio

We recorded some more backing vocals on Sugarbread today, and made some minor fixes on the trumpet part for Absence. If the vocals on Sugarbread still sound good once we've had some time to sit with them, audio recording will be officially over. All that's left is some keyboard stuff for Fists.

There's snow all over the ground all over town. It's really winter now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Recent Posters activity:

We played at Tea Bazaar on the 18th, which was last Wednesday. About 25 people were at the show. The crowd roared like a lion. The band really whooped a dinosaur's ass.

Thanks to Gary for taking this video.

We played with Left & Right and Viva Viva. The latter is from Massachusetts and sort of did a bluesy early-Rolling Stones thing. They had a really nice organ.

Left & Right played awesome indie rock stuff with really smart two-guitar arrangements and triple fab vocal harmonies. They are, like Pompadour, UVA undergrads. They were really good. Definitely tied with Pompadour for my favorite band we've played with so far.

I didn't take any pictures because my phone takes such bad pictures that they all end up looking the same.

I recorded a demo of a new song the other day, and I'm trying to write lyrics for it. It's another metal anthem, like the infamous "Stain Alive," though I'm hoping this one will meet Dave's quality control standards.

We're going to go on holiday, and then come back in 2010 with a finished EP, whose cover art I'm hoping will strike a blow for creative freedom against the ogre of intellectual property law, and some new songs.

This decade sucked, by the way.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recording Today

I took some more shots of us recording today, including this one of the rarely-seen Renee playing Rhodes on "The Fists and the Fighting"

Here's Kris manning the controls while Dave sings.

I also took this one a couple of days ago of what the screen on the Mac looks like when we're "laying down tracks." I think we were recording drums on Fists.

We're so close to done!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Jamz & Wrapping Up The Year

We started working on two new songs last night, a breezy New Wave jam by Sam called Haunted Drumset and a jaunty poppy song by me that still doesn't have words or a title. Pretty happy with how both of them are turning out and hope to unveil them both soon.

It looks like we'll most likely be playing one more show this year, on Wednesday, November 18th at Tea Bazaar with Massachusetts rockers, Viva Viva, and local boys the Left and Right Band. Our other year end goal is to finish the ep which we're very close to doing. Thanks to everybody for helping us make 2009 the Year of the Posters! Hopefully we can make 2010 even more rockin' with twice as many shows and a full length album! That being said, this will most likely not be the last time you hear from us this year! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Week: Part II

Seriously, I don't know who's iTunes library this is, but it's pretty weird. Like s/he only has one Replacements song (Alex Chilton, duh) but then The La's entire LP. What the fuck is that about? There's no Big Star, just in case you were wondering. I was, however, pleased and surprised to find the entire Cold Cold Hearts album in the same library.

On Sunday we recorded a bunch of stuff for The Fists and the Fighting. We did drums, bass, and guitar. Once we get keyboard and vocals on it our five-song opus will be recorded at last, and only the mixing will be left to do.

In this picture Dave is rocking the guitar so hard that he's developed a nimbus! Let's hope it's not malignant.

The Fists and the Fighting is going in kind of a psychedelic direction, which will, I hope, garner some mainstream attention without alienating our core fan base.

It's election day, and I have a sad feeling that in our commonwealth the voice of reason will be drowned out by the shouting of tea-party lunatics. The really depressing thing is that these people are not crazy to be angry, but their anger has been mobilized and narrated for them by corporate fat cats, and so their so-called movement is working to defend the very economic order that has caused their problems. They are attacking government interventions which, imperfect though they may be, are our last and best defense against the rise of a post-state corporate order, like in Rollerball. Anyway, just the fact that these people can show up to vote at all should remind them that the implicit parallel they draw between themselves and the eighteenth-century Boston Tea Party is crass and rhetorically irresponsible. You can look all you want; there is no latent argument in the actions of the founding dudes against a democratically elected government levying taxes on people who can vote.

Last Week: Part I

It's been a while since anybody has dished the HP dirt on here. Lots has been happening. I'll post a few separate items today about what's been going on.

First up: we played at Tea Bazaar last Thursday with US Royalty and our specially invited guests The Moore Brothers from California.

US Royalty did a rock thing, and their singer had rockstar moves. They had a really good guitar sound. The guy had a Thinline Deluxe -- the kind of '70s Thinline with "Wide Range" pickups. I didn't get a good enough look to see if it was a reissue or the real thing. If it was the real thing I'm way jealous, as those original Wide Range pickups had CuNiFe magnets and sound incredible, and nobody even makes a replica of them. The current-production Fenders have AlNiCo magnets, which is fine and all, but they pretty much just sound like a Gibson PAF-style humbucker. Those original CuNiFe pickups sound amazing! Either way, though, the guy's guitar sounded good, and he had a pretty lame amp, so I was really impressed.

The Moore Brothers were up next. They sing as well in real life as they do on their records. They passed the guitar back and forth for each song, which I think Dave and I should try some time.

I'm listening to the theme from The Monkeys on the library's collective iTunes server right now. Did you know there's a long version of it that has all these extra lyrics? Now Day Dream Believer is on. It's a weird stereo mix with everything but piano on the left.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Production Log: October 15

Re-recorded acoustic guitar on Sugarbread last night. Then we had our first actual practice in several weeks.

I'm really into the new setup in the basement, where we can use multiple rooms and isolate the control room from the performance room. I wish we could get some badass wall plates so we could have the people in the performance room just plug into the wall and send that from the other wall to the computer. That would be the shit! It'd be all like white-album because you could record with people and not even see them.

I also really want some small-diaphragm condensers for mic-ing the acoustic, but they're not that high on the list right now.

It's looking like our EP will not be finished this month, but it should hit shelves in time for the holidays.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Production Log: October 1, 4

Lots of stuff got done on Thursday last week and yesterday -- mostly finishing up stuff like trumpet, rhodes, and backing vocals on Little Boy and Absence.

I thought rather than just talk about what happened I'd create a record of what guitars were used for what on the songs we've recorded -- or at least on the ones that I play guitar on.

Little Boy is pretty much all done on the silver Stratocaster I played in VHS & The Babies. The evil distorted riff is done on the Flying V (aka the Nekrolog guitar) though. That riff is distorted using a 1990s ProCo Rat (yes, for those who care, it has the lm308 op amp) on the left channel and a green late 1980s (?) Sovtek Big Muff on the right. Both those pedals were christmas presents from my brother Isaac in 2006 and 2007 respectively, so props to him. All the guitar was recorded through the Super Reverb. The tremolo on the arpeggio at the end of the song is the on-board tremolo on that amp.

Geniuses is more complicated. The main guitar part (the chords during the parts that have singing) is on the yellow Les Paul Special. That's the guitar we use live. I can't remember if it was recorded through the Super or the Dr. Z, but probably the Super. The "lead" part that basically doubles the trumpet is on the Flying V; that was definitely recorded through the Super Reverb -- no pedals on either of those, though the Flying V part was recorded with the amp turned way up to get natural distortion.

As for the double-bend riff that opens the song and divides the verses from one another, I sort of had a dilemma, as the original demo I made when I wrote the song (probably in like April of 2008) had this really great guitar sound on that part which I couldn't duplicate. It was recorded with the strat through the Stang Ray, but I was running the signal through an Analogman NKT275 Sunface with my guitar's volume dialed way down. That was one kickass fuzz pedal, but unfortunately last winter I was forced to sell it for a mess of pottage. I tried to get the same effect with another pedal (the amazing but different Fulltone '69), but I still don't think it quite captures the lo-fi nastiness of the original, which I preserve below for posterity:

Geniuses demo, Spring 2008.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Box (moderately murky) videos!

Finally after several days of very slow encoding (time for a new computer,) I have gotten all of the videos we took of our performance at The Box on Monday the 28th, up on YouTube. I will just post a link here to the playlist that should play in the order of the set. Check it out and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Weirdly enough, due to a mouth-related injury Typefighter couldn't make it to the show Monday night. This meant that for a brief time it looked like the Posters were going to be the whole bill that evening, and it's only mystery what we would have had to do to fill up the extra time allotted.

The first picture shows us before our set, pondering this question. Dave is thinking: "Is a child the answer?"

A child sort of was the answer, though. Because eventually the two lads and two lasses of Pompadour came to play, and they kicked ass! In this picture they're all like: "Dreaming is not the answer!"

A lot of their songs sort of sounded like "Godsend" by Beat Happening, except faster. Oh, and shorter. But there was lots of pretty and kind of bitter-sweet two-guitar type stuff, lots of reverb, drums, no bass, boy/girl vocals. Actually, their whole aesthetic reminded me very much of the whole You Turn Me On album, which I was totally into. I hope we can play with them again (except this time on purpose).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Box: Monday, Sptember 28

We play at The Box tomorrow night -- our first time at this Miyagi-themed, street-level hang-out. It's on 2nd street, just south of the downtown mall.

We are playing with D.C.'s Typefighter.

The show is free.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Production Log: September 17

Thursday we did the basic tracks for Little Boy: drums, bass, and the main guitar part.

This song already exists as several demo versions I did myself, and as an ultra-rare "countrified" version recorded by Nekrolog in 2007, so we're hoping to use studio smoke and mirrors to make this new one stand out as the definitive iteration.

Even the sky mocks my pain, as our journey continues.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Recording Continues....

Here's a picture I took the Sunday before yesterday -- the 6th I guess -- of what I see when I record vocals.

I haven't been keeping up with recording notes on the blog because at this point things are moving so slowly and the tweaking is so subtle that it would just be the same thing every time I posted. It'd be all like: "Turned down the reverb today. Here's a picture of what I looked like doing it. LOL! WTF! Natch!"

Though if the point of this blog is in part so that we can all look back when we're old at the day-to-day activities of a band we were once in then I probably shouldn't be overly concerned with entertainment value, ね? それは日本語でですから。

Absence, Geniuses, and Sugarbread Falls continue to hover in that weird gray area somewhere between "perfect" and "tolerable." They all sound good, but not so good that I feel ready to stop screwing around with them.

On the 6th ultimo Dave and I recorded lead vocals and lead guitar on Geniuses, and re-did the electric guitar on Absence. Also on Absence I added some bad-ass electric piano which you will probably just barely hear in the final mix.

Yesterday we made subtle mixing changes to everything.

Still left to do are some trumpet fixes, made necessary by some poorly thought out mic placement the first time around, then two more songs from the ground up. And possibly some backing vocals on Absence?

It's still rock n roll to me,


The Posters spent most of this last weekend playing Beatles Rock Band. We played some of our own music too. Both were extremely enjoyable. We continue to work on our debut ep. We have two songs left to do basic tracks for and hope to have the whole shebang finished in time for our show on October 28th with the Moore Brothers. Stay tuned! In the meantime, freak out on this:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tiny Mtns, The Great Unknown

As for our show at Tea Bazaar the night before last, we "headlined," playing to an elite crew of only our most devoted followers.

Before we took the stage two bands played. Tiny Mtns (formerly called Elijah Wyman) had acoustic guitar, clarinet, and banjo. The middle third of the set was performed by Elijah alone, on auto-harp, which he played without having to look at the labels on the buttons, something I'd beforehand only seen done by my second-grade music teacher. In trio-mode they had some really cool three-part harmonies.

The Great Unknown was five strong guys from Philadelphia. They had two guitars, bass, drums, and a lap steel. They were country and West(ern)-Philadelphia music, I guess. They confirmed what my brother has said about Philadelphia having a difficult to use bus system.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm at Mss!

Posted via text message:
OMG! I'm at the mss. show right now!

Edit (the next day): Maybe it's because Mss. looks a lot like mms, but I felt like trying out some techno-live-blogging while watching Mss. throw corn and rock the shit out of the Tea Bazaar last night.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took of them.

They were awesome, as usual. Low-key barely-controlled chaos. I certainly hope the Posters can play with them again some time this fall.

Anybody who is frustrated with the lack of clarity in these pictures is welcome to buy me a new phone with a better camera.

More pretty dark live videos!

Yes, here we are the day after our second 4 member band show with two more quite dark videos of the show. We opted for two complete songs this time which was nice, so all of you lucky fans get That Thing you Don't with Sam the songwriter virtually a shadow, and The Victory Lap, where you can see what's going on a bit better. Enjoy these snippets of The Hilarious Posters rocking the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville. Also I have included some photos. That's what we looked like!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea Bazaar, Thursday, August 27th

We're all getting ready for the big show. Here's a preview. We won't have these backup singers, but my "rock moves" will be exactly as awesome as they are here. (Also Renee's hair will be longer.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Humbly Present.....

Well, we didn't win the Monitor Mix Video Blog theme song contest. But it was a privilege just to be nominated, particularly considering that Renee and I kicked it out in about an hour on the night before the deadline. Anyway, for those that never got a chance to hear it, I thought I would post it here. Could this be the Posters new musical direction? Probably not....

Monitor Mix Theme Song

- Dave

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monitor Mix Vlog Theme Song Contest

Just wanted to let everyone know to check out the Monitor Mix blog: This is an NPR blog written by ex-Sleater-Kinney guitarist, Carrie Brownstein, where she muses on music and culture. She's moving into the world of vlogging and she is hosting a contest to write a theme song for her new vlog. Renee and I put together a little ditty and submitted it and it has been chosen as one of the ten finalists. Be sure to go and vote for our theme tune! Thanks!

- Dave of the HPs

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Record Making - 8/2/2009

Here are some pics of us recording Absence and Geniuses this past Sunday. We seem to be getting along just fine in these pictures. I don't know what Sam's talking about......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Diary...

Dear Recording Diary,

Yesterday Dave, Kris, and I recorded a bunch of stuff on Geniuses and Absence. We made a lot of progress.

I spent a long time restringing and tweaking the bridge of the Flying V, and when I was done I couldn't really get a good sound out of it. I'm such a thumb!

I'm starting to think that pure nickel strings only sound good with single coil pickups. The pure nickels sound good with the single coils, but humbuckers sound too dull with them, and sound better with nickel plated steel.

I probably should have tried playing the V through the Super Reverb, as that amp has always delivered good tone when properly mic-ed. It doesn't sound as good as the Stang Ray in the room, but on record for some reason it often sounds even better.

I also lowered the tail piece on the Flying V, which I hope will help it stay in tune better. Maybe then Dave will start to accept it!

Can't we all just get along?


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Now, to add to the below still life attempts are some (albeit darkish) videos of us bringing the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar to it's knees. First is Victory Lap, then Make You Feel Better, then all but the last few seconds of Not the Strut. Enjoy!

Photos from the show!

Here are a bunch of photos attempting to capture in still life how much we rocked last night at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Enjoy.

Mss. & Drunk Tigers

We played at Tea Bazaar last night with two bands, Mss. and Drunk Tigers. Both bands were really good.

Mss. (bottom) do like a low-key noisy thing, and their songs were really haunting. Their stage setup is sort of reminiscent of a local news broadcast.

Drunk Tigers (top) brought the rock! My picture of them is even worse than most of my pictures -- it's of them setting up and not all the members are in it -- but I couldn't get close enough to take another one because of all their adoring fans. Charlottesville has got it bad for Drunk Tigers!

The new bass player in Drunk Tigers let us borrow his speaker cab, which was nice.

Wait, did we get our power strip and orange extension cord back from them?