Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tiny Mtns, The Great Unknown

As for our show at Tea Bazaar the night before last, we "headlined," playing to an elite crew of only our most devoted followers.

Before we took the stage two bands played. Tiny Mtns (formerly called Elijah Wyman) had acoustic guitar, clarinet, and banjo. The middle third of the set was performed by Elijah alone, on auto-harp, which he played without having to look at the labels on the buttons, something I'd beforehand only seen done by my second-grade music teacher. In trio-mode they had some really cool three-part harmonies.

The Great Unknown was five strong guys from Philadelphia. They had two guitars, bass, drums, and a lap steel. They were country and West(ern)-Philadelphia music, I guess. They confirmed what my brother has said about Philadelphia having a difficult to use bus system.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm at Mss!

Posted via text message:
OMG! I'm at the mss. show right now!

Edit (the next day): Maybe it's because Mss. looks a lot like mms, but I felt like trying out some techno-live-blogging while watching Mss. throw corn and rock the shit out of the Tea Bazaar last night.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took of them.

They were awesome, as usual. Low-key barely-controlled chaos. I certainly hope the Posters can play with them again some time this fall.

Anybody who is frustrated with the lack of clarity in these pictures is welcome to buy me a new phone with a better camera.

More pretty dark live videos!

Yes, here we are the day after our second 4 member band show with two more quite dark videos of the show. We opted for two complete songs this time which was nice, so all of you lucky fans get That Thing you Don't with Sam the songwriter virtually a shadow, and The Victory Lap, where you can see what's going on a bit better. Enjoy these snippets of The Hilarious Posters rocking the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville. Also I have included some photos. That's what we looked like!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea Bazaar, Thursday, August 27th

We're all getting ready for the big show. Here's a preview. We won't have these backup singers, but my "rock moves" will be exactly as awesome as they are here. (Also Renee's hair will be longer.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Humbly Present.....

Well, we didn't win the Monitor Mix Video Blog theme song contest. But it was a privilege just to be nominated, particularly considering that Renee and I kicked it out in about an hour on the night before the deadline. Anyway, for those that never got a chance to hear it, I thought I would post it here. Could this be the Posters new musical direction? Probably not....

Monitor Mix Theme Song

- Dave

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monitor Mix Vlog Theme Song Contest

Just wanted to let everyone know to check out the Monitor Mix blog: This is an NPR blog written by ex-Sleater-Kinney guitarist, Carrie Brownstein, where she muses on music and culture. She's moving into the world of vlogging and she is hosting a contest to write a theme song for her new vlog. Renee and I put together a little ditty and submitted it and it has been chosen as one of the ten finalists. Be sure to go and vote for our theme tune! Thanks!

- Dave of the HPs

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Record Making - 8/2/2009

Here are some pics of us recording Absence and Geniuses this past Sunday. We seem to be getting along just fine in these pictures. I don't know what Sam's talking about......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Diary...

Dear Recording Diary,

Yesterday Dave, Kris, and I recorded a bunch of stuff on Geniuses and Absence. We made a lot of progress.

I spent a long time restringing and tweaking the bridge of the Flying V, and when I was done I couldn't really get a good sound out of it. I'm such a thumb!

I'm starting to think that pure nickel strings only sound good with single coil pickups. The pure nickels sound good with the single coils, but humbuckers sound too dull with them, and sound better with nickel plated steel.

I probably should have tried playing the V through the Super Reverb, as that amp has always delivered good tone when properly mic-ed. It doesn't sound as good as the Stang Ray in the room, but on record for some reason it often sounds even better.

I also lowered the tail piece on the Flying V, which I hope will help it stay in tune better. Maybe then Dave will start to accept it!

Can't we all just get along?