Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Weirdly enough, due to a mouth-related injury Typefighter couldn't make it to the show Monday night. This meant that for a brief time it looked like the Posters were going to be the whole bill that evening, and it's only mystery what we would have had to do to fill up the extra time allotted.

The first picture shows us before our set, pondering this question. Dave is thinking: "Is a child the answer?"

A child sort of was the answer, though. Because eventually the two lads and two lasses of Pompadour came to play, and they kicked ass! In this picture they're all like: "Dreaming is not the answer!"

A lot of their songs sort of sounded like "Godsend" by Beat Happening, except faster. Oh, and shorter. But there was lots of pretty and kind of bitter-sweet two-guitar type stuff, lots of reverb, drums, no bass, boy/girl vocals. Actually, their whole aesthetic reminded me very much of the whole You Turn Me On album, which I was totally into. I hope we can play with them again (except this time on purpose).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Box: Monday, Sptember 28

We play at The Box tomorrow night -- our first time at this Miyagi-themed, street-level hang-out. It's on 2nd street, just south of the downtown mall.

We are playing with D.C.'s Typefighter.

The show is free.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Production Log: September 17

Thursday we did the basic tracks for Little Boy: drums, bass, and the main guitar part.

This song already exists as several demo versions I did myself, and as an ultra-rare "countrified" version recorded by Nekrolog in 2007, so we're hoping to use studio smoke and mirrors to make this new one stand out as the definitive iteration.

Even the sky mocks my pain, as our journey continues.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Recording Continues....

Here's a picture I took the Sunday before yesterday -- the 6th I guess -- of what I see when I record vocals.

I haven't been keeping up with recording notes on the blog because at this point things are moving so slowly and the tweaking is so subtle that it would just be the same thing every time I posted. It'd be all like: "Turned down the reverb today. Here's a picture of what I looked like doing it. LOL! WTF! Natch!"

Though if the point of this blog is in part so that we can all look back when we're old at the day-to-day activities of a band we were once in then I probably shouldn't be overly concerned with entertainment value, ね? それは日本語でですから。

Absence, Geniuses, and Sugarbread Falls continue to hover in that weird gray area somewhere between "perfect" and "tolerable." They all sound good, but not so good that I feel ready to stop screwing around with them.

On the 6th ultimo Dave and I recorded lead vocals and lead guitar on Geniuses, and re-did the electric guitar on Absence. Also on Absence I added some bad-ass electric piano which you will probably just barely hear in the final mix.

Yesterday we made subtle mixing changes to everything.

Still left to do are some trumpet fixes, made necessary by some poorly thought out mic placement the first time around, then two more songs from the ground up. And possibly some backing vocals on Absence?

It's still rock n roll to me,


The Posters spent most of this last weekend playing Beatles Rock Band. We played some of our own music too. Both were extremely enjoyable. We continue to work on our debut ep. We have two songs left to do basic tracks for and hope to have the whole shebang finished in time for our show on October 28th with the Moore Brothers. Stay tuned! In the meantime, freak out on this: