Monday, September 14, 2009

Recording Continues....

Here's a picture I took the Sunday before yesterday -- the 6th I guess -- of what I see when I record vocals.

I haven't been keeping up with recording notes on the blog because at this point things are moving so slowly and the tweaking is so subtle that it would just be the same thing every time I posted. It'd be all like: "Turned down the reverb today. Here's a picture of what I looked like doing it. LOL! WTF! Natch!"

Though if the point of this blog is in part so that we can all look back when we're old at the day-to-day activities of a band we were once in then I probably shouldn't be overly concerned with entertainment value, ね? それは日本語でですから。

Absence, Geniuses, and Sugarbread Falls continue to hover in that weird gray area somewhere between "perfect" and "tolerable." They all sound good, but not so good that I feel ready to stop screwing around with them.

On the 6th ultimo Dave and I recorded lead vocals and lead guitar on Geniuses, and re-did the electric guitar on Absence. Also on Absence I added some bad-ass electric piano which you will probably just barely hear in the final mix.

Yesterday we made subtle mixing changes to everything.

Still left to do are some trumpet fixes, made necessary by some poorly thought out mic placement the first time around, then two more songs from the ground up. And possibly some backing vocals on Absence?

It's still rock n roll to me,

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