Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Recent Posters activity:

We played at Tea Bazaar on the 18th, which was last Wednesday. About 25 people were at the show. The crowd roared like a lion. The band really whooped a dinosaur's ass.

Thanks to Gary for taking this video.

We played with Left & Right and Viva Viva. The latter is from Massachusetts and sort of did a bluesy early-Rolling Stones thing. They had a really nice organ.

Left & Right played awesome indie rock stuff with really smart two-guitar arrangements and triple fab vocal harmonies. They are, like Pompadour, UVA undergrads. They were really good. Definitely tied with Pompadour for my favorite band we've played with so far.

I didn't take any pictures because my phone takes such bad pictures that they all end up looking the same.

I recorded a demo of a new song the other day, and I'm trying to write lyrics for it. It's another metal anthem, like the infamous "Stain Alive," though I'm hoping this one will meet Dave's quality control standards.

We're going to go on holiday, and then come back in 2010 with a finished EP, whose cover art I'm hoping will strike a blow for creative freedom against the ogre of intellectual property law, and some new songs.

This decade sucked, by the way.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recording Today

I took some more shots of us recording today, including this one of the rarely-seen Renee playing Rhodes on "The Fists and the Fighting"

Here's Kris manning the controls while Dave sings.

I also took this one a couple of days ago of what the screen on the Mac looks like when we're "laying down tracks." I think we were recording drums on Fists.

We're so close to done!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Jamz & Wrapping Up The Year

We started working on two new songs last night, a breezy New Wave jam by Sam called Haunted Drumset and a jaunty poppy song by me that still doesn't have words or a title. Pretty happy with how both of them are turning out and hope to unveil them both soon.

It looks like we'll most likely be playing one more show this year, on Wednesday, November 18th at Tea Bazaar with Massachusetts rockers, Viva Viva, and local boys the Left and Right Band. Our other year end goal is to finish the ep which we're very close to doing. Thanks to everybody for helping us make 2009 the Year of the Posters! Hopefully we can make 2010 even more rockin' with twice as many shows and a full length album! That being said, this will most likely not be the last time you hear from us this year! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Week: Part II

Seriously, I don't know who's iTunes library this is, but it's pretty weird. Like s/he only has one Replacements song (Alex Chilton, duh) but then The La's entire LP. What the fuck is that about? There's no Big Star, just in case you were wondering. I was, however, pleased and surprised to find the entire Cold Cold Hearts album in the same library.

On Sunday we recorded a bunch of stuff for The Fists and the Fighting. We did drums, bass, and guitar. Once we get keyboard and vocals on it our five-song opus will be recorded at last, and only the mixing will be left to do.

In this picture Dave is rocking the guitar so hard that he's developed a nimbus! Let's hope it's not malignant.

The Fists and the Fighting is going in kind of a psychedelic direction, which will, I hope, garner some mainstream attention without alienating our core fan base.

It's election day, and I have a sad feeling that in our commonwealth the voice of reason will be drowned out by the shouting of tea-party lunatics. The really depressing thing is that these people are not crazy to be angry, but their anger has been mobilized and narrated for them by corporate fat cats, and so their so-called movement is working to defend the very economic order that has caused their problems. They are attacking government interventions which, imperfect though they may be, are our last and best defense against the rise of a post-state corporate order, like in Rollerball. Anyway, just the fact that these people can show up to vote at all should remind them that the implicit parallel they draw between themselves and the eighteenth-century Boston Tea Party is crass and rhetorically irresponsible. You can look all you want; there is no latent argument in the actions of the founding dudes against a democratically elected government levying taxes on people who can vote.

Last Week: Part I

It's been a while since anybody has dished the HP dirt on here. Lots has been happening. I'll post a few separate items today about what's been going on.

First up: we played at Tea Bazaar last Thursday with US Royalty and our specially invited guests The Moore Brothers from California.

US Royalty did a rock thing, and their singer had rockstar moves. They had a really good guitar sound. The guy had a Thinline Deluxe -- the kind of '70s Thinline with "Wide Range" pickups. I didn't get a good enough look to see if it was a reissue or the real thing. If it was the real thing I'm way jealous, as those original Wide Range pickups had CuNiFe magnets and sound incredible, and nobody even makes a replica of them. The current-production Fenders have AlNiCo magnets, which is fine and all, but they pretty much just sound like a Gibson PAF-style humbucker. Those original CuNiFe pickups sound amazing! Either way, though, the guy's guitar sounded good, and he had a pretty lame amp, so I was really impressed.

The Moore Brothers were up next. They sing as well in real life as they do on their records. They passed the guitar back and forth for each song, which I think Dave and I should try some time.

I'm listening to the theme from The Monkeys on the library's collective iTunes server right now. Did you know there's a long version of it that has all these extra lyrics? Now Day Dream Believer is on. It's a weird stereo mix with everything but piano on the left.