Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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We played at Tea Bazaar on the 18th, which was last Wednesday. About 25 people were at the show. The crowd roared like a lion. The band really whooped a dinosaur's ass.

Thanks to Gary for taking this video.

We played with Left & Right and Viva Viva. The latter is from Massachusetts and sort of did a bluesy early-Rolling Stones thing. They had a really nice organ.

Left & Right played awesome indie rock stuff with really smart two-guitar arrangements and triple fab vocal harmonies. They are, like Pompadour, UVA undergrads. They were really good. Definitely tied with Pompadour for my favorite band we've played with so far.

I didn't take any pictures because my phone takes such bad pictures that they all end up looking the same.

I recorded a demo of a new song the other day, and I'm trying to write lyrics for it. It's another metal anthem, like the infamous "Stain Alive," though I'm hoping this one will meet Dave's quality control standards.

We're going to go on holiday, and then come back in 2010 with a finished EP, whose cover art I'm hoping will strike a blow for creative freedom against the ogre of intellectual property law, and some new songs.

This decade sucked, by the way.

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