Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Week: Part I

It's been a while since anybody has dished the HP dirt on here. Lots has been happening. I'll post a few separate items today about what's been going on.

First up: we played at Tea Bazaar last Thursday with US Royalty and our specially invited guests The Moore Brothers from California.

US Royalty did a rock thing, and their singer had rockstar moves. They had a really good guitar sound. The guy had a Thinline Deluxe -- the kind of '70s Thinline with "Wide Range" pickups. I didn't get a good enough look to see if it was a reissue or the real thing. If it was the real thing I'm way jealous, as those original Wide Range pickups had CuNiFe magnets and sound incredible, and nobody even makes a replica of them. The current-production Fenders have AlNiCo magnets, which is fine and all, but they pretty much just sound like a Gibson PAF-style humbucker. Those original CuNiFe pickups sound amazing! Either way, though, the guy's guitar sounded good, and he had a pretty lame amp, so I was really impressed.

The Moore Brothers were up next. They sing as well in real life as they do on their records. They passed the guitar back and forth for each song, which I think Dave and I should try some time.

I'm listening to the theme from The Monkeys on the library's collective iTunes server right now. Did you know there's a long version of it that has all these extra lyrics? Now Day Dream Believer is on. It's a weird stereo mix with everything but piano on the left.

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