Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's a small world After All!

Oh man! Can you feel it?! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The energy? That's the energy generated by at least a dozen people who can't wait to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Posters full length. Well,at long last, here it is...the first track to spring from the basement!

Conestoga Fryz (Rough Mix)

For those that don't know this song is my ode to the gone but not forgotten Disneyland attraction of the same name. Check it: Conestoga Fries. And yes, it is extremely fun eating overpriced McDonald's French fries out of a covered wagon. Oh, the memories!

Anyway, enjoy! And look for more sneak peeks in the weeks to come! See you at the Elf Power/Lost In The Trees/Hilarious Posters show on October 9th at Tea Bazaar! We won't be playing this song!

Love, Dave

Friday, September 24, 2010

09-23-2010 at the Taphouse

Here are some pictures I took the other night. For some reason there's a lot of blank space above them in this post. It's because of the weird Blogger formatting, I guess, which seems like it's going to let you edit html but then has all sorts of weird display stuff that it adds when you actually publish the post.

Demon Beat
Elephant Child

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show on Thursday!

Alright! We're playing at the 12th Street Taphouse on Thursday and we're totally excited!

It's going to be a good time.


Oh, I forgot! We're going to be playing three songs we've never played before, so in that respect it'll be a departure from the norm, both because the songs will be unfamiliar and because we normally don't play more than one untried song per show. There are two songs of mine that are new, one is a pop song that's kind of Comet Gain meets Fraggle Rock. The other is more of an abstract arty piece which Renee has compared to the first Feelies record.

Dave has a new song that has a kind of Kinks-meet-Johnny-Cash vibe. Like "Victoria" but with a more American, travelin' music angle. I think he was going for a Game Theory kind of thing, but whatever. Scott Miller is a really hard guy to rip off (I should know!) so it's not a surprise that it turned into something else, and it's no loss because the song is great!

Oh the shows I would get to go to if I only had a time machine!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upcoming Whatever

I'm listening to right now and some weird version of "Sunlight Bathed in Golden Glow" by Felt is on. It's not the version on Strange Idol Patterns. It's got a cool bass intro that kind of sounds like Just Like Heaven. But my point is: Felt rules!

Folks, the Posters have been busy and we're going to stay that way for a while to come.

Lots of recording has been going on, though lots of re-recording has also been going on, so I'm not sure how much actual progress we're making. I think the record is going to have 16 songs and be about 35 minutes long. We had an almost-finished version of "Not the Strut" (which we sort of think of as this record's single), but we decided it was a little slow and so we're starting from scratch with a new version at the right tempo. I'm still trying to convince Dave to put vocals on the slow one and post it here as "Not the Strut UK Surf." There is also a genuinely weird version of "Ferris Beuller" that we'll probably have to scrap, though at some point I'll definitely be posting that somewhere for people to hear because it's kind of awesome. It sounds like a dub remix of "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite."

In the meantime, we have shows coming up, and we're working on getting our website up and running, and we're going to make t-shirts. The current plan is to have four t-shirt designs, one by each of us.

Our next show will be Saturday, September 25th, Thursday, September 23rd, and it'll happen at the 12th Street Taphouse, which until recently only hosted stand up comedy on its stage (for reasons unknown, Charlottesville has a lot of stand up comedy), but has recently broadened its offerings to include stand up tragedy. Naturally, we were one of the first troupes to whom they offered a spot. We'll be playing with fellow stand up tragedians The Capstan Shafts somebody else. The Taphouse is where Northern Exposure used to be.

Also, my exciting new band will be playing its first show on October 2nd at The Tea Bazaar. We're called The Womans and we've got a bunch of songs that are even shorter and even weirder than my songs in the Posters. We're also playing a bunch of covers. We've only practiced once, and we're still looking for a singer, so that show will probably be a complete train wreck of the kind that you don't want to miss. That band has two Caninos in it.