Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Greetings!

It's Halloween today. Dave and Renee are going as people who have gone on holiday to Wales, and it's the most convincing costume ever! Recording is on hold while they're away, which I'm sort of sad about, but it's probably for the best because I have a ton of work to do on both the reading and the grading fronts.

We have a show lined up for when they get back, though. Tea Bazaar, Friday, November 19th. This will be a release party for the new Red Satellites EP, and Red Satellites are also playing (obviously). The Fire Tapes have just been added to the bill. They're the new Charlottesville dream-pop band everybody is talking about right now. We're super excited to be playing with the Satellites again. Dancin'!

This is what I'm into lately. I can't stop watching it!

I really wish they'd use it as a dream sequence (or the opening credits?) on an episode of House.

Soupy twist!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

... and Demo Streaming!

I've also added a bunch of demos and stuff to soundcloud. Right now it's pretty heavily weighted towards Sam songs, because I didn't want to post too much of Dave's stuff without his permission. But there's a hand full of things on there that nobody had heard before, in addition to some old classics.

[Edit: I've added some more stuff, and I guess the player updates automatically, so the description below isn't really exhaustive anymore. Anyway, if you actually want to know more about any of the tracks than the notes on soundcloud tell you then just email us.

All you really need to know is that the songs on this playlist are all songs that the Posters play, but none of these versions have been -- or will be -- released in any "official" way. It's sort of a cyber-age B-Side bin.

Dave will also be uploading some more stuff soon. Let's hope for some oldskool Geoffrey Crayon shit! Most of Dave's demos are just acoustic guitar, drum machine, and "la la la" vocals, but let's hope he'll post some anyway. I know there's a good one of Not the Strut that was in heavy rotation at my house for a while!]

Demos and Alternate Versions by TheHilariousPosters

The set includes the original demo of Geniuses, an early version of the Justin version of Geniuses (which was on MySpace for most of 2009), a version of Fists from that month when I was the drummer, and some other goodies. There's even one song that we've never played live, and which won't be on the CD we're making! It's called For Whom The Belt Holes, and I include it only because it's been a particular favorite among my close friends for a while (take that for whatever it's worth).

There's the rough mix of Conestoga which was posted here a while ago, and then the other songs are demos of three of my songs that will be on the CD.

Rock on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EP Streaming

Yo, Homies!

With all the energy currently going into the full-length we're recording right now, it's easy to forget about the EP we put out last winter.

Have no fear! I've just rigged up a thing so that you can listen to it on line pretty easily. I think we might take it down later, and, like, replace it with five songs from the new record, but for now the whole EP is here and free to stream wherever and whenever.

The Hilarious Posters (EP) by TheHilariousPosters

This thing will, I hope, end up on our new homepage too, as will a feed of this blog, so that, while I'll still be hilariously posting here, you'll be able to read everything from our central hub.

We'll also be posting rough mixes of a few new songs as they're finished. The Conestoga Fries rough mix is already available at Soundcloud (the place from whence the EP streams).

In other news, lots of bands in Charlottesville are breaking up, which is really sad. Everybody go see Drunk Tigers and The Caninos while you have the chance!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend

I made this video today compiling stuff I've recorded with my phone over the weekend. Most of it is about 30 seconds each of Lost in the Trees and Elf Power from the Tea Bazaar show last Saturday. Then there's just some unrelated video of Dave and me recording stuff this afternoon. We worked on acoustic guitar for about six songs.

Also, we have a real website up now, and we have our very own domain name and everything! The site looks great! It's been mostly a Renee and Dave endeavor, though, so I'll leave it for them to make the official announcement. Look for it soon!

Rock on!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Side-project show Saturday the 2nd (tomorrow)

I've been working this week on getting cover art stuff together for the new cd, though there's still no real consensus about what will be on the cover. We may end up scrapping what I've done and having somebody else do something totally different (though I hope not because I think what I have so far is pretty rad!).

I sort of proposed the idea of a December 3rd release date to people today, but that might be too soon or might be wrong for some other reason. With the EP I remember we were trying to get it done for Christmas and the actual release was on Valentine's Day!

Anyway, tomorrow night, that being Saturday, October 2nd, there will be a show at Tea Bazaar featuring my side-project band, The Womans, and two other bands. I posted a flier about the show on this page a couple of weeks ago. One of the other bands is the side-project of the guy from The Spinto Band. The third band is called ROAR and I don't know if they're a side-project or not. Either way, the evening will be side-project heavy for sure.

I played the demos I recorded of the songs for The Womans for Dave the other day. He said it sounded like music by somebody with a lot of problems. I was sort of trying to make a soundtrack for, like, a '60s beach party held on Halloween. We're also doing some covers, because I've always wanted to be in a band that played a lot of covers, but usually if I'm only in one band I don't want to do that because it might seem like I'm just lazy and don't write many songs. But since this is my second band I'm just going to go for it in terms of covers (and in terms of creeping out girls).

We (The Womans) are also looking for a lead singer, so if you want to sing in a band give me a shout. I originally wanted a female vocalist, but since our aesthetic is sort of all about creeping girls out I think that's probably not going to happen, so guys are welcome.

The Tom Perriello campaign was just at my door, reminding me to go vote on election day, which I was going to do anyway. Wouldn't their time be better spend visiting the people who weren't already going to vote for Perriello? I hate campaigns so much.

See what you get when you mess with The Orphans!