Saturday, October 16, 2010

... and Demo Streaming!

I've also added a bunch of demos and stuff to soundcloud. Right now it's pretty heavily weighted towards Sam songs, because I didn't want to post too much of Dave's stuff without his permission. But there's a hand full of things on there that nobody had heard before, in addition to some old classics.

[Edit: I've added some more stuff, and I guess the player updates automatically, so the description below isn't really exhaustive anymore. Anyway, if you actually want to know more about any of the tracks than the notes on soundcloud tell you then just email us.

All you really need to know is that the songs on this playlist are all songs that the Posters play, but none of these versions have been -- or will be -- released in any "official" way. It's sort of a cyber-age B-Side bin.

Dave will also be uploading some more stuff soon. Let's hope for some oldskool Geoffrey Crayon shit! Most of Dave's demos are just acoustic guitar, drum machine, and "la la la" vocals, but let's hope he'll post some anyway. I know there's a good one of Not the Strut that was in heavy rotation at my house for a while!]

Demos and Alternate Versions by TheHilariousPosters

The set includes the original demo of Geniuses, an early version of the Justin version of Geniuses (which was on MySpace for most of 2009), a version of Fists from that month when I was the drummer, and some other goodies. There's even one song that we've never played live, and which won't be on the CD we're making! It's called For Whom The Belt Holes, and I include it only because it's been a particular favorite among my close friends for a while (take that for whatever it's worth).

There's the rough mix of Conestoga which was posted here a while ago, and then the other songs are demos of three of my songs that will be on the CD.

Rock on!

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