Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EP Streaming

Yo, Homies!

With all the energy currently going into the full-length we're recording right now, it's easy to forget about the EP we put out last winter.

Have no fear! I've just rigged up a thing so that you can listen to it on line pretty easily. I think we might take it down later, and, like, replace it with five songs from the new record, but for now the whole EP is here and free to stream wherever and whenever.

The Hilarious Posters (EP) by TheHilariousPosters

This thing will, I hope, end up on our new homepage too, as will a feed of this blog, so that, while I'll still be hilariously posting here, you'll be able to read everything from our central hub.

We'll also be posting rough mixes of a few new songs as they're finished. The Conestoga Fries rough mix is already available at Soundcloud (the place from whence the EP streams).

In other news, lots of bands in Charlottesville are breaking up, which is really sad. Everybody go see Drunk Tigers and The Caninos while you have the chance!

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