Monday, April 19, 2010

Go Us!

Check it out, everybody! The Hook has implied that we are somewhere between the 13th and 69th best band in Charlottesville! Woo hoo!

Seriously, though, congratulations to Mss, Pompadour, and virtually every other band we have ever shared a stage with.


In other HP news, we're making our triumphant return to Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (just "the Tea Bazaar" for you cool kids) on May 8th. It's a Saturday. We're playing with a band from Chicago called Caw Caw who seem really fun and energetic, judging from their myspace.

[Edit: Caw Caw's participation is no longer a sure thing, as they may have to be in another town that night. The show will feature us and at least one other band: Richmond's Young Adult Fiction. More deets in a separate post soon.]

This show will feature at least one new song -- a rousing, anthemic, as-yet-untitled sing-along which will also involve some surprises. VHS & the Babies fans will know what I mean when I say that, with this song, we're introducing a new "module."

There's another new song we've been practicing, but I don't think it'll be ready for the show in May. It's either going to be called "Showmen" or "Lots in the Supermarket." It's sort of a sequel to "Geniuses," in that where "Geniuses" was kind of about Orson Welles, this one is kind of about Val Lewton. Most of the song is faux hard rock, in tribute to the Blast/Trapnest feud (which the song is also kind of about), but it has a sweet disco breakdown in the middle, which was inspired by the chorus to this song (the part at 1:29).

I have to go teach Sylvia Plath. Laters.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cool Evening at the Garage

Awesome show at the Garage last night with Travis Kokas, Mss, and Sam Buck Rosen.

Travis was up first, playing some very pretty and bittersweet songs. Dave backed him up with excellent harmonies, Garfunkel-style.

Next up was Mss, who were always great, but are really evolving in an exciting new direction. Josh was playing a lot more lap steel, giving their usual slow-simmer noisiness an unusual hawaiian flavor. Hula girls would not have been out of place. (Nor would they have been unwelcome, and I can't stress that enough!)

The HP kicked out the jams after Mss, ripping through song after song about vaginas, to the delight of Dave and Renee's realtor, whose name I've forgotten (but that guy is a major new force in the world of rock n roll cheerleading). He also said my songs sounded like The Cure, which is by far the most flattering comparison I've received while I've been in this band.

I'm guessing that pictures of our set will turn up soon on facebook or something.

Last was headliner Sam Buck Rosen, a late addition to the bill, whose incredible songs instantly made him a welcome one. He had the weird smarminess of a vegas-era Elvis, mixed with the wide-eyed innocence of Jonathan Richman, and some kind of Buster Poindexter thing thrown in there too. He also looked like a slightly less good looking David Boreanaz.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Buzz

Nice words about us in the C'ville today. Unfortunately I don't think the section that mentions us is included in their online edition, but those who want to check it out are free to come look on my refrigerator, where it will be displayed indefinitely.

In other news, we're playing at The Garage this Friday. The Garage is a little art gallery next to the funeral home downtown, and in the summer they have rock shows on the sidewalk in front (the gallery itself is too small to have the shows inside). The Posters went to see The Caninos, Andrew Cedermark, and Jacob Wolf there last year, and it was awesome, although more low-key and contemplative than your standard rock show.

We'll be playing with Mss (I believe it's the first time we've re-paired with any band, which shows how much we love Mss and also how much Locust Grove pride we have), and they're always good. Dave's Cusack's bandmate Travis is playing too, and also a guy from New York who like me is named Sam. The entire shindig will be wrapped up in time for people to catch the whole thing and then head over to the Tea Bazaar to support WTJU, which is hosting a rock marathon related dance event late into the night.

The the next night (Saturday the 10th), also at The Garage, a tripple bill of Posters' friends and allies will be performing. Pompadour (Charlottesville's best band, IMO), Left & Right (awesome jangly Caninos spinoff), and Andrew Cedermark (local rock-n-roll reporter and celebrity) will make you glad you came out two nights in a row.

Both Garage shows are free. (I think they pass the hat or something, but you have my permission to be a scrooge.)