Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cool Evening at the Garage

Awesome show at the Garage last night with Travis Kokas, Mss, and Sam Buck Rosen.

Travis was up first, playing some very pretty and bittersweet songs. Dave backed him up with excellent harmonies, Garfunkel-style.

Next up was Mss, who were always great, but are really evolving in an exciting new direction. Josh was playing a lot more lap steel, giving their usual slow-simmer noisiness an unusual hawaiian flavor. Hula girls would not have been out of place. (Nor would they have been unwelcome, and I can't stress that enough!)

The HP kicked out the jams after Mss, ripping through song after song about vaginas, to the delight of Dave and Renee's realtor, whose name I've forgotten (but that guy is a major new force in the world of rock n roll cheerleading). He also said my songs sounded like The Cure, which is by far the most flattering comparison I've received while I've been in this band.

I'm guessing that pictures of our set will turn up soon on facebook or something.

Last was headliner Sam Buck Rosen, a late addition to the bill, whose incredible songs instantly made him a welcome one. He had the weird smarminess of a vegas-era Elvis, mixed with the wide-eyed innocence of Jonathan Richman, and some kind of Buster Poindexter thing thrown in there too. He also looked like a slightly less good looking David Boreanaz.

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