Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Buzz

Nice words about us in the C'ville today. Unfortunately I don't think the section that mentions us is included in their online edition, but those who want to check it out are free to come look on my refrigerator, where it will be displayed indefinitely.

In other news, we're playing at The Garage this Friday. The Garage is a little art gallery next to the funeral home downtown, and in the summer they have rock shows on the sidewalk in front (the gallery itself is too small to have the shows inside). The Posters went to see The Caninos, Andrew Cedermark, and Jacob Wolf there last year, and it was awesome, although more low-key and contemplative than your standard rock show.

We'll be playing with Mss (I believe it's the first time we've re-paired with any band, which shows how much we love Mss and also how much Locust Grove pride we have), and they're always good. Dave's Cusack's bandmate Travis is playing too, and also a guy from New York who like me is named Sam. The entire shindig will be wrapped up in time for people to catch the whole thing and then head over to the Tea Bazaar to support WTJU, which is hosting a rock marathon related dance event late into the night.

The the next night (Saturday the 10th), also at The Garage, a tripple bill of Posters' friends and allies will be performing. Pompadour (Charlottesville's best band, IMO), Left & Right (awesome jangly Caninos spinoff), and Andrew Cedermark (local rock-n-roll reporter and celebrity) will make you glad you came out two nights in a row.

Both Garage shows are free. (I think they pass the hat or something, but you have my permission to be a scrooge.)

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