Monday, March 29, 2010

Dec Interview & Other Noize....

Hey everybody! Dave here...haven't posted in a while and before this blog descends into some sort of outlet for Sam's pathos I thought I would chime in and let everybody know about the recently printed interview with the Posters written by Gary Canino for the [edit: I think Dave means "a" - st] UVA newspaper, The Declaration.

Anyway, there is a brief mention of the band Bikeride in the interview. They are probably my favorite unsung band of the last decade and one that will most likely never get the credit they deserve since lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Tony Carbone died a few years ago. Every time I write a song for the Posters I'm thinking of Bikeride so I thought I would post the following video for everyone to check out. Their last two albums, Morning Macumba and The Kiss, are both worth seeking out.

See everybody April 9th at the Garage! It's going to be a good one....I promise!

- Dave

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