Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show on Thursday!

Alright! We're playing at the 12th Street Taphouse on Thursday and we're totally excited!

It's going to be a good time.


Oh, I forgot! We're going to be playing three songs we've never played before, so in that respect it'll be a departure from the norm, both because the songs will be unfamiliar and because we normally don't play more than one untried song per show. There are two songs of mine that are new, one is a pop song that's kind of Comet Gain meets Fraggle Rock. The other is more of an abstract arty piece which Renee has compared to the first Feelies record.

Dave has a new song that has a kind of Kinks-meet-Johnny-Cash vibe. Like "Victoria" but with a more American, travelin' music angle. I think he was going for a Game Theory kind of thing, but whatever. Scott Miller is a really hard guy to rip off (I should know!) so it's not a surprise that it turned into something else, and it's no loss because the song is great!

Oh the shows I would get to go to if I only had a time machine!


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