Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Week: Part II

Seriously, I don't know who's iTunes library this is, but it's pretty weird. Like s/he only has one Replacements song (Alex Chilton, duh) but then The La's entire LP. What the fuck is that about? There's no Big Star, just in case you were wondering. I was, however, pleased and surprised to find the entire Cold Cold Hearts album in the same library.

On Sunday we recorded a bunch of stuff for The Fists and the Fighting. We did drums, bass, and guitar. Once we get keyboard and vocals on it our five-song opus will be recorded at last, and only the mixing will be left to do.

In this picture Dave is rocking the guitar so hard that he's developed a nimbus! Let's hope it's not malignant.

The Fists and the Fighting is going in kind of a psychedelic direction, which will, I hope, garner some mainstream attention without alienating our core fan base.

It's election day, and I have a sad feeling that in our commonwealth the voice of reason will be drowned out by the shouting of tea-party lunatics. The really depressing thing is that these people are not crazy to be angry, but their anger has been mobilized and narrated for them by corporate fat cats, and so their so-called movement is working to defend the very economic order that has caused their problems. They are attacking government interventions which, imperfect though they may be, are our last and best defense against the rise of a post-state corporate order, like in Rollerball. Anyway, just the fact that these people can show up to vote at all should remind them that the implicit parallel they draw between themselves and the eighteenth-century Boston Tea Party is crass and rhetorically irresponsible. You can look all you want; there is no latent argument in the actions of the founding dudes against a democratically elected government levying taxes on people who can vote.

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