Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Weirdly enough, due to a mouth-related injury Typefighter couldn't make it to the show Monday night. This meant that for a brief time it looked like the Posters were going to be the whole bill that evening, and it's only mystery what we would have had to do to fill up the extra time allotted.

The first picture shows us before our set, pondering this question. Dave is thinking: "Is a child the answer?"

A child sort of was the answer, though. Because eventually the two lads and two lasses of Pompadour came to play, and they kicked ass! In this picture they're all like: "Dreaming is not the answer!"

A lot of their songs sort of sounded like "Godsend" by Beat Happening, except faster. Oh, and shorter. But there was lots of pretty and kind of bitter-sweet two-guitar type stuff, lots of reverb, drums, no bass, boy/girl vocals. Actually, their whole aesthetic reminded me very much of the whole You Turn Me On album, which I was totally into. I hope we can play with them again (except this time on purpose).

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