Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Record Making - 8/2/2009

Here are some pics of us recording Absence and Geniuses this past Sunday. We seem to be getting along just fine in these pictures. I don't know what Sam's talking about......


  1. Dude, I meant your animosity toward the Flying V, whose only crime against you is that of having lovingly caressed your lower region with its smooth, womanly curves!

  2. There's nothing womanly about the Flying V....or curvy for that matter!

  3. The Flying V, like a sewing needle, has both phallic and yonic design features. Its angularity is tempered by the roundness of its points, much as the justice it dispenses is tempered with mercy. One might say that it has a man's calloused and sinewy body, but within that body the cherry-blossom-like grace of a young girl's soul.