Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 3: The Fists & The Fighting

....and on we move to Day Three of our big Holiday Extravaganza! Just think of it as the 12 Days of Christmas or eight nights of Hanukkah on a minor scale. Here we have track three off the upcoming ep, a tale of a peasant revolt and ensuing merriment, The Fists & The Fighting. Man oh man, can you just imagine what it will be like when all of these tracks are compiled together on one ep?! Can you believe we're crazy enough to give all this great music away for free?! We can't either! But get it fast! And come back Thursday and Friday for two more Poster sized morsels of pop! See you then!

[The Fists & The Fighting has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 4: Little Boy!]

- The Hilarious Posters

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