Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 1: Absence

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! Hope all of our East Coast friends stayed dry and warm during the "Crippler" this past weekend. As promised, here for your downloading pleasure is Absence, the first track off of our new ep. Absence will only be available until the end of today so get it while supplies last. Tune in tomorrow and every day this week for a new downloadable track from our forthcoming as-yet-untitled ep! See you tomorrow!

[Absence has been removed. Check in tomorrow for Holiday Surprise Day 2: Geniuses!]

- The Hilarious Posters

1 comment:

  1. Good grief! I got mine!

    Every year when I was growing up my dad would claim that "this year, we can only afford a 'Charlie Brown' christmas tree." He hasn't been saying it lately, which is sort of weird, because the christmas trees my parents have been getting have been more Charlie-Brownish than ever.

    Remember the music in the Peanuts *Thanksgiving* special? That was always my favorite.