Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Finish Line

I guess there's some questions still floating around. What will the cover art look like? Could it benefit from professional mastering? Should it be made yet more awesome by the addition of heavy-handed political messages? But these things aside, our little EP is recorded, mixed, sequenced, and ready to take over the world. We're going to have a kick ass release party, probably to coincide with black history month, and if things go as planned we'll be playing at a venue we've not attempted before with some of our most favorite of favorite local bands.

I'd like to dedicate this post, though, to all the heroes who weren't lucky enough to make it to the ends of their respective journeys this year. The Hilarious Posters won't forget you, and, more importantly, we won't forget the example you set. Your courage in the face of adversity shows me exactly how I would hope to comport myself (if I weren't a success). Especially this time of year, we have to remember that losing is just another kind of winning. With that in mind, enjoy this video produced by One True Media, whose work I "greatly admire."

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