Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Surprise Day 5: Sugarbread Falls

"Sugarbread Falls is the place that we all choose to be," indeed! And so our Holiday Surprise comes to an end! We hope you've enjoyed this opportunity to get a free sneak preview of our new ep. We hope to have the actual release sometime in February and the chances are very likely that some additional mastering and mixing will happen before then. Here's wishing everyone a very happy holiday season! We're going to drown ourselves in some nog! Enjoy and we'll see you in 2010! Thanks as always for listening!

[Sugarbread Falls has been removed. Hope you enjoyed the Hilarious Posters Holiday Surprise! Look for the actual ep to be released sometime in February!]

-The Hilarious Posters

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  1. Pictured (left to right) top row: Kris, Renee. Bottom row: Sam, Lily, Dave.