Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post-partum Update

Ah, in the wake of our EP-release euphoria it's back to the grindstone for the Posters!

We've been working on two new pop-rocks this past week. One is "I Want a Bee or Dog." It's the first chapter of the "Noah's Ark" trilogy, which concludes with the currently-hibernating 50-second new wave jam "Come On Down." The middle part of the trilogy, "Das Ark," is still being written.

Anyway, IWABOD is a song that rips off The Smiths, and then was in turn ripped off by me myself for the Posters' shortest song to date: Ferris Bueller. My limited vocal range is proving a problem in the singing of this one, because in the low octave the low notes are too low, and in the high octave the high notes are too high. I'm seriously considering changing the key (or becoming a eunuch, whichever proves less of a hassle).

You can get a taste from this instrumental demo recorded by my project with Ariel, The Trojan Whores.

I Want a Bee or Dog (demo)

We have also been working on a rock-opera-tastic piece which does not yet have a name, though its vibe is not unlike the one in this video of renowned early-Who tribute band, The middle-period-Who.

In other news, I'm getting thrown out of my apartment next week, so if you've ever had fantasies of living with a local rock star and two cats now is the time to act.


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