Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Night's Gala

Thanks to everybody who showed up to our EP release last night! Special thanks to those who stuck it out and stayed through our set. Things were running a little behind schedule, and we really appreciate it.

We had a lot of fun. The Caninos were incredible. When I saw them last fall at The Garage I could tell they were a good band, but something about the low-key vibe of The Garage -- or maybe just the occasional SUV that drives between the audience and the band -- prevented me from realizing just how good they are. Last night I was lucky enough to hear them do "Naufragous" twice, once at sound check, and once as the second song in their set.

There something that The Caninos really get right, which a lot of bands don't, in my opinion, and that's that they let their recorded stuff be laid back and understated -- like, they let the strength of their songwriting create the momentum -- but then when it's time to play live they really rock hard, and bring as much charisma and raw power as possible. It's something I remember really liking about Dressy Bessy circa 2000 -- that their live sets sounded nothing like their records, but each offered what its medium was, respectively, best at offering. Craft on the records, and intensity live.

At the end of their set they got a bunch of people on stage to do a We Are the World style sing along.

If The Caninos played first, acting as the show's Genesis, DBB Plays Cups were surely its Exodus. Here they are playing either something from Cups or one of DBB's newer songs.

We played third (and last) much like a Leviticus whose only prohibition is against not rocking, though we did encourage several people to consume pork last night, which was not very levitical of us.

Pictures of our set, and perhaps even video, will likely emerge in the coming days.

Oh, and happy Valentines Day to all our fans. (Remember, ladies, I may not be the sexiest Poster, but I'm the only one who's still single!)


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