Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Spawned a Monster of Rock

Fall is here in all its chilly glory! Now I can finally break out my special Kubla Khan inspired "fast thick pants" that were too warm to wear before.

It's election day today. I'll spare you my thoughts on that this time around. Go vote (unless you're a Republican).

Also, this:

which is going to be awesome. The flier pretty much says it all, including how I feel about Dave and Renee going on holiday without me (sniff).

There are rumors afoot about 1) the cover charge (which I'll post here as soon as I know it) and 2) another band being added to the bill. No word on order or anything yet, but I assume the Satellites will be playing last since no one in their right mind would want to follow them. If we end up going on after the Satellites, though, I think it would only be fair to expect Kris to take his shirt off.

[Edit: 1) The door will be the usual Tea Bazaar fiver, 2) It'll just be three bands, us, the Sats, and The Fire Tapes, whom I'm quite excited to see.]

Lots more action coming up as soon as all the posters are states-side. We're pretty close to finished recording, and there's still a chance (if slim) that we'll get the record out this year. It's going a lot faster this time, but there's three times as many songs. Then there's mixing, which I feel was the weakest aspect of the EP (totally my fault), so I really don't want to rush that. Once that's done, though, mastering and pressing should only take a week or so. We also plan to play a show in December, though nothing's set up yet.


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