Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tea Bazaar. This Saturday. Be there!

I sort of can't get enough of this kid. I'm really into his voice and the kooky moves his drummer has. Most of the time when people cover a Wipers song they try to be really tough about it, and can't really do justice to Greg Sage's voice or guitar tone, but this guy just doesn't even go down that route. He rocks it Lois Maffeo style with just acoustic guitar and minimal drums, and it totally works.

The Hilarious Posters will be doing some rocking of our own this Saturday at our beloved second-story Tea Bazaar. The headlining act will be Richmond's Young Adult Fiction, about whom everybody has been saying good things. People have described them as sounding very 1990s, but I don't really hear it. Probably, once again, folks have confused "1990s" with "good."

Also on the bill is Workday/Schoolnight from North Carolina. It's electronic slightly-experimental stuff, but still very song-based, and featuring poppy synth hooks -- accessible while not being dumbed down at all. I'm pretty sure it's just one guy and a bunch of machines.

On Sunday we made the first stabs at recording stuff for our long player. The idea is to have it out in the fall, but given that five songs took us five months to record last year, there's a chance that fifteen or twenty will take us into fall 2011! We recorded stuff that will probably not be used for the actual record, but will serve as guide tracks later on -- bass and acoustic guitar on Not the Strut, Penmanship, and Ferris Bueller.

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