Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show This Friday. Recording Today.

I'm sort of sad that there isn't more stuff on youtube by Lungleg. Why was there never a video of "Previous Condition?" If I ever get a time machine the first place I'm going is a Lungleg show, for sure!

[Edit: It didn't occur to me to check until today, but there is some good stuff on their (official?) myspace, including a cool lo-fi version of Theme Park and a show from 1994 split into two long tracks. It never occurred to me that a band from the '90s would have a myspace, but as we all know I'm a technophobe and don't really know how these things work. My God Lungleg is good, though! It's like somebody combined Girls At Our Best with Blast Off Country Style. I highly recommend both CDs. They've been in heavy rotation at my house since I discovered them a few years ago.]

Anyway, I'll not bury the lead more than I already have. The Posters will be opening for Borrowed Beams of Light at the Tea Bazaar this Friday, May 28th, 2010. If you've not heard the Borrowed Beams, you probably do not live in or near Charlottesville, but you can head over to their website and listen to their excellent five song EP in its entirety. I hasten to add that the Beams feature the songwriting and singing talents of Adam Brock, who is also the drummer in The Invisible Hand. Other local rock stars are also in the band, but the focus is very much on Adam's voice and clever, catchy songs. They are one of the biggest things in Charlottesville right now, and deservedly so. Also, they don't play as much as many of the bands around here because, even though their material is as good as that of any band in town, most of the people are in other bands that play more often, like the Hand and Corsair. Anyway, this is a big show for us because the Beams are really popular and really good, so I'm hoping this will be the show where I finally start getting some groupie action.

Also on the bill is Brooklyn's Paper Fleet. On their myspace they cite Joe Jack Talcum as a major influence, and that's a pretty apt comparison. They sound a lot like "Dean's Dream" from Big Lizard In My Back Yard, which as far as I'm concerned is a very good thing.

We're playing first at this show, probably starting around 9:00 or 9:30, so plan to get there early and enjoy some tea.

In other news, Dave and I recorded some stuff today. We actually got a whole lot done, which usually scares me, because the more you get done the less good all of it usually sounds when you listen to it the next day. I'm really pleased with the way those Russian microphones I bought sound on acoustic guitar, though. I'm hoping they'll sound as good as drum overheads. Listening back to the acoustic we recorded for "Aubrey" last week I was struck by how natural it sounded. If they work as well as I think they will on drums I might be able to pawn one of my large diaphragm AKGs (which would rule).

I'm still not pleased with my bass playing on "Penmanship." Although I'm thinking that when we record the actual thing I want to record it through a guitar amp with lots of reverb.

Does anybody else think the end of Ashes to Ashes was a little too much like something from some galex-obsessed nerd-girl's fan fiction? (Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.) It's not that it was overly galexy, just that it was so on the nose in terms of giving the most psycho elements of the fan base exactly what they wanted. To think that some of those freaky people on The Railway Arms actually had it way more right than anyone else!

I guess this probably should have tipped me off.

Anyway, RIP the Quattro.

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