Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Friday / This Friday

We rocked Tea Bazaar last Friday, playing pretty well and debuting two new jams: Aubry & the Unicorn and Jubilate Agnes (the in-band title for the latter is Haunted Drumset).

We played first, and up next was Dave's fellow Ohioans Lollipop Factory. None of my pictures of them came out, but they kicked a metric ton of ass. It was pretty inspiring meeting some regular people who are making it work as a band professionally; like -- they don't have day jobs, they're just in Lollipop Factory all the time. They were really nice people, too, and lugged more and bigger stuff than ours up the Tea Bazaar stairs, which I totally respect. When it comes to amps, bigger is always better and there's no such thing as too big!

I was pretty impressed both with how good and with how beat-up Lollipop Factory's stuff was. They had three amp heads: a Marshall, a Fender, and a Kustom. All looked like mid-eighties 100 watt tube deals. Then, ok, a Marshall 4x12 cab, an Ampeg 2x15 cab, and a plush silver Kustom cab which looked like a 3x12, but it was tall and skinny, not square like a Marshall (there's two of them in this picture I found of Lollipop Factory rocking out in Georgia). This is all for one guy!

After Lollipop Factory rocked the shit out of the place Red Satellites glammed the shit out of it just as ruthlessly. Do you ever wish Hunky Dory were like an hour longer? Well, dude, you're about to get your wish! I got one picture of them that kind of came out. I couldn't get all that close because of their adoring fans! Anyway if you open it you can see some shirtless glam action. I think I'm going to stop relying on my phone for these pictures and start bringing my actual camera to our shows.

All in all this was one of the best lineups we've played with. All three bands fucked shit up hard-style. It was really awesome to see Justin there, too. Special thanks to him for helping us load out!

We did some final mixing on Absence, Geniuses, and Sugarbread Falls this afternoon, while enjoying some Dr. Pepper Heritage at 4. Perhaps Dave had also had his 10 and 2 doses? The other two songs were fine already. We turned up the trumpet on Absence, and turned it down a little on Geniuses. On Sugarbread we turned the lead vocals down a little, which fucked up the whole vocal submix, because then the backing vocals had to be turned down at some points and then turned up at others. Then we re-bounced final versions of everything to bring to the studio. On Friday Kris and I are going to have the EP mastered at a studio in town. Cover art should also come together this week, too.

When I was in Maine last month my mom got me totally addicted to Law and Order Criminal Intent, so I have to get back to watching that now (with occasional glances at my dissertation between episodes).

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