Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Ready!

It's going to get real on Friday, May 27th 2011, at The Southern. Buy your tickets in advance, homie!

Borrowed Beams of Light open, and then us officially releasing our new fifteen-song opus Cats II, followed by The Astronomers unleashing their new record Size Matters. Not to pick a fight, but if size really matters you may want to note that our cd is fifteen songs and theirs is ten. Borrowed Beams' cd, released last year, is like five songs, which is so short it's practically an innie!

Everyone's going to be there, and it'll be the place to be seen in Charlottesville. If you don't go then in September people will be all like "Dude, you weren't in town for that?!? That was like the best show of the summer!" Then in December they'll be all like "Dude, you weren't there?!? That was like the best show of the whole year! I thought everybody was at that one!"

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