Monday, January 24, 2011

Capstan Shafts

Here's some video I shot of two partial Capstan Shafts songs. I don't know what they are named. Capstan Shafts were really good though! I totally agree with the comment James made about them sounding like early Green Day covering Guided By Voices, though I think there's more than a little Milky Wimpshake thrown in there, too. (James's confusion over where everyone was I think shows him underestimating his own taste-making power, because an afternoon post on Nailgun, had there been one, would probably have delivered the crowd who's absence he rightly bemoaned).

There are only two things I didn't like about the Capstan Shafts. One is that their guitar player / singer is left handed, and the other is that the bass player had a five-string bass. Other than that they were straight up awesome.

I hope we get to play with those guys again. They were nice.

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