Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work Hard! Play Hard!

I think I mentioned last time I posted that my righteous new phone can record video. Here are the first spoils of this new power. Two little movies of the Posters working on our new record.

In this first one, Dave and I are working on guide vocals for Tommy2K, bass for Sibella, and then acoustic guitar for Penmanship Brigade. I seem to remember that there was some kind of phasing problem with the acoustic guitar, and it may have to be re-recorded. I didn't actually set the mics up for the guitar, and whoever did (coughDave) may have forgotten to make sure they were more or less equal distances from the sound source.

A week later, we had a drum day and got like four songs done, two of which (Tommy2K and Gap Year) I got some video of. The other two songs were songs of mine, and so I had actually to be helping with the production instead of just standing there with a camera being in the way. We just got a new preamp and an additional SM57, so we were all psyched that day about being able to put a mic over the toms. In all the excitement I forgot to flip the phase on the bottom mic on the snare, and I've been kicking myself over it for the past three days! It was probably karma for secretly blaming the acoustic guitar phase problems on Dave the week before.

That's how we roll, though. When it's time to cut loose, we go mental! But when it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, we're all like "Get 'er done, hombre!"


(I had to sign in through the Posters' blogger account because the videos are still rendering.)

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